Thursday, April 19, 2012

Conversations With the Land: A Farmer's Thoughts on Agribiz

Jim VanDerPol is a farmer- writer who writes with clarity and skill about how agribusiness has changed not only our relationship with the land and our food, but how our sense of community and connection to one another has been displaced as well.

He sums up our current state:
“Agriculture is a human endeavor. We have forgotten this, or have allowed our fascination with our crackpot economy to drive it from our minds”.
He has chosen to keep his farming operation small, graze his livestock, and to think deeply about the role of Nature in farming.

I recently reviewed his lovely book:  Conversations with the Land, Jim VanDerPol, No Bull Press, 2012.

Read my full review at Eat Drink Better

 Photo: Patricia Larenas

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