Monday, April 23, 2012

Edible Garden Photo Essay

In this photo essay I want to share some special images from my ediblegarden. I spent Earth Day working in my garden and as always I was inspired by the beauty of our edible plants.

I can't think of a better way to honor our planet than to take time to appreciate and cherish its natural beauty, and that may be as nearby as our own backyards. It's worthwhile slowing down to savor the the unexpected treasures we find there waiting for us, every day.

Mourning doves built a nest in our leafy grape arbor and stayed all summer. It’s a bonus that our organic garden is safe haven that attracts wildlife.

Winter squashes always amaze with their gorgeous textures, colors, and enormous diversity. This summer I'm excited about growing GuatemalanBlue Banana and Stella Blue Hokkaido. Check heirloom seed sellers for unusual varieties to grow.

This Lemon Cucumber and Cranberry Bean both trellised up our tall Jerusalem Artichokes last summer. The trio seemed very happy growing together!

Violet artichokes (Violetto shown above) are truly dramatic and stunning, especially the first time you see them on the huge bushy plant.

Scarlet Runner Bean flowers are showy and beautiful climbing up on a trellis and can be grown in a container, as in the photo above. I love climbing beans and grow them on pole teepees or trellises every year.

May you have a happy Earth Day every day!

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Photos: Patricia Larenas, Urban Artichoke

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  1. That's a nice backyard garden. What is interesting about it is it has a lot of fruits. It seems like a healthy garden.


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