Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Growing Potatoes in a Container

Eating fresh organically grown potatoes will spoil you, and there are many delicious varieties you can find at your farmer’s market and a few grocery stores. They come in a range of colors: purple, bluish, rosy red and gold colored. If you’d like to try growing your own, here’s a really easy and fun way to grow your favorites in a container at home. 

I tried a Yukon Gold, above, and a Russian Banana that I haven't harvested yet. I collected both of these at my Farmer's Market.

You don’t have to have special seed potatoes, if your potato sprouts, it will grow. It helps if it’s fresh and hasn’t been in storage for a long time, or sprayed with any sprout inhibitors. That’s why getting them from a local organic grower is advisable, if you can. You can also order seed potatoes from Wood Prairie Farm or Seed Savers Exchange.

You Will Need:
A 12 inch pot (measurement across the opening of the pot)
Potting soil
Organic fertilizer
1 -2 Small fresh potatoes, sprouted

Assemble Your Potato Container in Three Steps

1. Put soil one third up in a 12 inch pot (soil based potting mix)
2. Mix in a small handful of organic fertilizer, such as Dr. Earth or EB Stone.
3. Place a sprouted potato in the center and cover with about 2 inches more of the potting soil.

When the plants are about 6 inches in height, add more soil up to the leaves.  Do this until the container is full with soil up to the rim. Water the container and allow the plant to grow. Harvest the potatoes when flowers begin to open or the foliage begins to die back.

Instructions from: The American Horticultural Society's great book Plant Propagation, A. Toogood

Photos: Patricia Larenas

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